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Cheap viagra with dapoxetine - Buy cialis with dapoxetine

ISSACHAR – going deeper, below the surface, designed for those who want to know more about both the Israel of Today and the Israel of the Bible. Having conducted well over 30 tours, Dan and Sharon Stolebarger, founders of Holy Ground Explorations, have become well connected in the land and want to provide you a more in-depth experience in Israel, bringing to you a prestigious cast of Guest Israeli Speakers, along with activities not found on a “regular” tour.

Highlights of Issachar: Old port city of buy dapoxetine in singapore * the grottos of buy generic levitra with dapoxetine * JEEP TOUR on the buy dapoxetine online in india / SYRIAN BORDER with briefing by an intelligence officer as to what is REALLY going on in this area * the cheap priligy dapoxetine * a unique briefing at where can i buy dapoxetine hydrochloride * a special behind-the-scenes briefing at buy dapoxetine sildenafil (the Holocaust Memorial) * explore the underground spaces found under the classic Western Wall Tunnels route * JEEP TOUR to MT. AZAZEL (where the scapegoats were thrown to their death) including an overlook of where to buy dapoxetine philippines * the buy dapoxetine ireland.

In addition, a trip to Israel cannot be complete without major biblical sites and experiences including: a boat ride on the buy tadalafil with dapoxetine * buy dapoxetine online uk * buy dapoxetine 60mg uk * buy dapoxetine in the uk * where can i buy dapoxetine in canada (visiting the private garden) * the buy generic dapoxetine uk.


Space is limited


Starting at $3100pp
More pricing on Registration Forms

Brochure & Registration

buy dapoxetine australia

Electronic Deposit

$500 per person deposit

where to buy dapoxetine in delhi

Electronic Installment

*To make payment via PayPal: Invoice with instructions will be sent by HGE for those making credit card installment payments. There is a 3 - 4% surcharge imposed when paying electronically by credit card. You may pay by check to avoid this fee.

Payments by Check

Make checks out to:
PO Box 1835
Hayden, ID 83835

  • Troy
    Israel is not just another vacation or destination to check off the list. It is the most impactful place that a person can visit and it is only because I have been there that I say that. Prior to my first visit to Israel I was anxious and nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and was being questioned by many people as to whether or not I was in my right mind for going. I felt I might be making a mistake and thought maybe all the people questioning my sanity were right to do so. where to buy dapoxetine in chennai
  • Andrew
    Never having been to the Middle East, or really anywhere very far from home in the U.S., a couple of friends and I were intrigued with the thought of visiting the Promised Land. We saw a promotion to go with Dan and Sharon with an organization we knew through our study of God’s Word, and we were compelled enough to book a tour. As the date approached, the idea that sounded so good as “something to do someday”, was becoming a reality and I was growing increasingly hesitant (at best) and fearful (at least). purchase dapoxetine online
  • Sean
    I would say that a spiritual trip to the land of Israel is a must for every believer. If you never travel anywhere else in the world and have only one trip overseas, there is no doubt in our minds it should be Israel. We've had the privilege of seeing the Land of the Bible with Dan, Sharon and Jane on 2 occasions in 2014 and 2015. In all honesty our lives have never been the same. buy dapoxetine safely
    Sean and Sherry
  • Susie and Willem
    We have been blessed with three opportunities to be on tours in the Holy Land with groups arranged and led by Dan and Sharon Stolebarger. Each tour was different in content — all were superbly organized, starting with a smooth arrival process into Israel with a warm greeting on arrival. buy dapoxetine usa
    Susie and Willem
  • Penny
    If you are thinking of visiting Israel, Jordan or the biblical sites of Turkey, then think Holy Ground Explorations. Why? Because, who you travel with will profoundly influence what you experience in these unique lands. With Holy Ground Explorations, you will be treated to more than a rushed visit to the historical and biblical highlights. You will be more than just “one of many” on a bus tour. Because for the Holy Ground Exploration leaders, Dan and Sharon Stolebarger — it’s personal. That is their vision. buy dapoxetine online
  • Sue
    My time living in Israel has proven to be one of the most spiritual growth times of my life. I told someone after 30 days that I was so ready to come home, but enjoyed every day I was there including the last day in Jerusalem, I found myself wanting to soak up every place we went from day 1 to day 30. Even while we traveled in the vans, I never wanted to sleep or even doze for fear I might miss even the smallest site. Day after day I looked with wonder at God’s land and all the Jewish people we met. buy viagra with dapoxetine online
  • Anne
    As someone from the U.K. who has done numerous trips to Israel since 1988, I have yet to come across anything that could even come close to this one. Why? Well everything from the practical and organizational side, to the choice of sights and hotels is outstanding. But a tour is only ever going to be as good as its guide (and the coach driver) and this is where they excel. Absolutely head and shoulders above anything I’ve experienced!! where to buy dapoxetine in nigeria
buy dapoxetine in south africabuy dapoxetine in pakistan

Cheap viagra with dapoxetine - Buy cialis with dapoxetine

Step 1

Download the PDF Brochure / Registration Forms

Step 2

Feel free to contact us through our contact form with any questions.

Step 3

Fill out Registration Forms and mail or scan and email as PDF.

Step 4

Mail in deposit (check) OR make a deposit via PayPal on this site (must be done at time of sending in Registration Forms).

Step 5

Continue to make installment payments OR lump-sum payment as required.