If you are thinking of visiting Israel, Jordan or the biblical sites of Turkey, then think Holy Ground Explorations. Why? Because, who you travel with will profoundly influence what you experience in these unique lands. With Holy Ground Explorations, you will be treated to more than a rushed visit to the historical and biblical highlights. You will be more than just “one of many” on a bus tour. Because for the Holy Ground Exploration leaders, Dan and Sharon Stolebarger — it’s personal. That is their vision.

Holy Ground Explorations use the best local guide Israel has to offer. As you walk through the stark beauty of the land, and the pages of your bible, they will bring the Israel of the past alive, through a blend of historical and biblical insights. And then, you will be treated to an encounter with the modern nation of Israel, with all its colourful contrasts and enigmas. You will come face to face with the reality of Israel today, existing tenuously in the Middle East of the 21st century.

Holy Ground Explorations believe that God, through His Holy Ground, has something to say to each of us, and Dan with his unique inspirational teachings, biblical insights and knowledge of Middle East politics and prophecy, facilitates this communication. Your journey will be at a pace that is conducive to connecting to the Land and the One who walked there two thousand years ago.

I have travelled with Dan and Sharon through Israel and Jordan, and I recommend them highly to you. Through my journeys with them, I have been inspired. Inspired to dig deeper and with new passion and insight into the scriptures, inspired to research further the amazing history of the nation of Israel, past and present, inspired to follow the history of the Jews through the Diaspora, and inspired to follow and understand the complexity of Middle East politics and custom that will continue to have a profound influence on the future of Israel. Because of this, and because of the vision of Dan and Sharon, my journey of these lands will never come to an end. I invite you to join them.

— Penny (New Zealand)