Sean and Sherry


I would say that a spiritual trip to the land of Israel is a must for every believer. If you never travel anywhere else in the world and have only one trip overseas, there is no doubt in our minds it should be Israel. We’ve had the privilege of seeing the Land of the Bible with Dan, Sharon and Jane on 2 occasions in 2014 and 2015. In all honesty our lives have never been the same. It’s not just visiting places as you would do in any other tour, you re-live the Bible that you have been reading for years. In an instant it just comes to life in colour as Dan would say. Dan shares with passion the events that transpired in that place, the Holy Spirit moves in your heart and something incredible happens. We were touched in so many different ways. In 2014 it was in the courtyard where Peter denied the Lord that I was reminded of how Jesus extends grace to the worst of sinners like me. Sherry was deeply touched when she spent time alone in the private Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus sweat and blood fell to the ground.

Cruising on the sea of Galilee as Daniel Carmel sang praises in Hebrew and English just touched our hearts. Having visited and served at IDF bases on both trips, we got to meet face to face with the young Israelis who have been protecting their nation. What a unique privilege to be able to serve God’s people. We also went to Petra in 2014 and that was just so amazing, to think we were in a place God was going to protect His people in the future! Wow! This passion that was generated in our hearts for the people and the land of Israel made us go back in 2015, and it was so rewarding. The love and passion that Dan, Sharon and Jane have for the Land is unmistakable, and they were able to share that passion and motivate us to love God more and His chosen people. Jane who guides the trip is an amazing Israeli woman whose knowledge of her land, her people and the Bible will just blow your mind. If you choose to visit Israel, both Sherry and I would without hesitation recommend you to go with Dan, Sharon and Jane. You will have the spiritual trip of a lifetime, that would be unsurpassed by any other.

In Christ,
— Sean and Sherry (Australia)