My time living in Israel has proven to be one of the most spiritual growth times of my life. I told someone after 30 days that I was so ready to come home, but enjoyed every day I was there including the last day in Jerusalem, I found myself wanting to soak up every place we went from day 1 to day 30. Even while we traveled in the vans, I never wanted to sleep or even doze for fear I might miss even the smallest site. Day after day I looked with wonder at God’s land and all the Jewish people we met. It was truly a time to realize what it is like to be Hebrew. My prayer was that I would not miss anything God wanted me to see or learn. I had chills every time someone said “if you are in Israel it is because God has invited you to His land.” I know there was much He wanted me to to learn and to spark an interest in me to come home and learn more about Israel and the sites we visited.

How privileged we were to stay a month and travel with someone who truly loves the land and the people. I loves seeing God work in the lives of His chosen people which reminded me He is not through with Israel. I Learned so much from the trip and from you as well as everyone we came in contact with. Each time I study the Bible and learn now it is not in black and white, but in vivid color as my memory of all that I saw lives in me. I pray often for God to make my memory better than it is.

Sunday I will have my third opportunity to share this amazing trip with people eager to know more about Israel. I always start with “this was a trip to teach us to love Israel as well as the Jewish people” and end with encouragement for them to learn more about their church and what their pastor believes concerning God’s chosen nation. I get so excited to relive my trip with people and realize how very much we were exposed to every day. If I have any regrets it would be that I didn’t know more to ask more.

Thank you Dan and Sharon for allowing me to see Israel through your eyes and spending 30 days of your life with a lady in Alabama who wants to learn something new about God every day. Your efforts were not in vain as I realize how God is teaching me daily about His history, His people and the land He loves.