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August 20, 2015
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August 25, 2015
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There are some people in life that you have just had “life” with!  Sherry Trobec is one them.

Dan and I first met Sherry through Jane Ben-Ari, our friend and guide in Israel.  We spent many hours at Applegate Christian Fellowship’s “Hospitality House” (which Sherry ran at the time), sitting over coffee and breakfast cookies and over the past decade, we became sisters.

Over the years, Sherry became a part of the “Talmidim Family” – a group of people dedicated to Israel and who travel there once a year, not to visit sites but to work, giving back to Israel through working with Holocaust Survivors, refurbishing bomb shelters, assembling “bomb boxes” (food boxes) for families in Sderot.  I have never met someone who is so full of passion for Israel and her people, so joyful, so full of life.

About 6 months ago, Sherry was diagnosed with cancer, but she was still fired up to join the 2016 Talmidim.  About a month ago, Sherry’s health started to deteriorate rapidly and she was in much pain.  She realized she would never again visit her beloved Israel, but she accepted it with grace.  When I asked her daughter when Dan and I should come, she said “try to make it before December.”  Our plan was to visit the first week in September, but that was not to be.  Sherry remained at home, surrounded by her daughters who would take her out once a day for a walk, or to be silly and go try on hats.  On Friday, August 21st, Sherry entered those “pearly gates” and heaven nor the world will ever be the same again.

Sherry, I can’t even say Rest In Peace because that just isn’t you. So dear friend, just RIP into heaven, lead the congo line, teach everyone how to say OCHIMAMA, and love on Jesus as I know you are doing  right now. I love you Dear Friend.

Sharon Stolebarger
(Sherry’s page on FaceBook is Bertha Jo if you’d like to see more.)