As we promote our tours of Israel, Sharon and I thought we would share with you how excited we are to be WALKING this LAND that is so incredibly filled with fascinating biblical sites. We actually believe that the Land itself speaks as we spend time where Jesus walked and taught.

In a series of 9 posts, Sharon and I will be highlighting some of the sites that we will be visiting on our upcoming tours. We hope you can catch a glimpse of what we have experienced over the twenty-five different tours we have led.

Part 1 - Arriving in Israel


DAN: I will never forget the first time I landed at Ben Gurion. So much adrenaline, anticipation and joy! I truly felt like I had come home. Over the years while waiting for our groups to arrive, to see the awe and wonder of so many who come through the arrival gates is priceless! I cannot wait to see you all when you have collected your luggage and make your way out!

SHARON: People ask me all the time – “How can you be so excited to go to Israel when you have been so often?” That’s easy for me to answer: God has placed an unquenchable passion in me for the Land, the People, the Biblical richness and, more importantly, the desire to share this passion with as many people as possible. Why? Because it will change your life in a way that none other can.

Part 1 - Tel Aviv


DAN: Here is a view of the Med from a room at the hotel where we will be staying on our first night! A luxurious hotel with a very vibrant beach. Just to the south and very visible from our hotel is the ancient port of Jaffa.

SHARON: Dan and I always arrive early. It’s truly the best way to start a trip. Not only do you have the time to revive after a long plane journey, but it affords you time to experience TEL AVIV. The sand on the Mediterranean Sea is like powder. There’s an electricity in Tel Aviv that you can only experience by sitting down at an outdoor cafe or a restaurant on the beach, going to the outdoor Market that is close to the hotel, or just sitting on your balcony and taking in the salt air.

Part - Jaffa


DAN: The port of Jaffa is filled with biblical references. First, we remember the story of Jonah and the graphic lesson between obedience and disobedience. Keep your eyes peeled for any large fish :-). Then we have the account of Peter at Simon the Tanner’s house.
SHARON: I appreciate thought-provoking locations. If going in a day early, you can visit this ancient port city. My favorite thing to do is to sit on the wall at the boardwalk and, in my mind’s eye, try to find the “big fish” that swallowed Jonah. Do you know that fish was never still? It’s not like he had Jonah in his belly and remained stationary. Isn’t that like our lives? We get “swallowed” up in life and wrong decisions, but God is still moving us, positioning us, preparing us to be “spit up” on the shore. And where do we find ourselves when we finally are yielded to God? Right where He wants us to be. Jaffa – shops, coffee, restaurants, and a big fish.

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