Today we focus on sites surrounding the SEA of GALILEE, as well as the Sea itself. Your eyes may see jet skis on this historical body of water, but your mind’s eye will perhaps see Jesus walking on the sea, Jesus calming the storm, Jesus setting out for the “other side.” You will see where Jesus healed, where He made breakfast, where He offered redemption. Come and see.

Part 4 - Capernaum


DAN: Did you know that Capernaum (Capernahum) was the home base for Jesus? He probably lived at Peter’s house, located here, and there is no doubt that He taught in the synagogue that you will be walking through. Most people are surprised to find out that more miracles were done here in Capernaum by Jesus than in any other place in all of Israel! Also, keep your eyes open for that one house that had its roof removed because there was this guy, who was once lame, whose friends were determined to get him to Jesus!

SHARON: What’s amazing about the sites in Israel is that so many of the structures are “hands on.” You walk through the synagogue, you touch the pillars, you see the actual foundations of the village, including Peter’s house. When you go home and read in your Bible about this and other sites, you don’t just read the words; the visuals of where you walked, where you sat, where you were taught, jumps out at you. That is what we mean when we say your Bible literally comes alive!

Part 4 - Tabgha


DAN: Since in last week’s Chronicle my beloved wife told you about MY favorite place in all of Israel (Mount Arbel), let me tell you where my wife’s favorite spot just happens to be. You guessed it … right here in Tabgha. We also refer to this place as both Restoration and Redemption Beach. Why? Because it was here that Jesus told His disciples to meet Him after His resurrection and it was here that dear Peter (the ROCK) is restored! Can you see Jesus cooking breakfast and calling out to His boys? “Got any fish?” Can you see one of the Disciples, after they cast their nets to the other side and getting quite the haul? Can you see them, counting those fish once reaching shore? And how many did they catch???? 153 … stay tuned!

SHARON: Yes, this IS my favorite spot in all of Israel. Why? Because if Jesus could restore Peter in such a loving way, then He can restore me, no matter what I’m going through. It’s also a place for me to “plug in.” I always have music with me and I love to find a place of solitude, put on worship music, and look out at the water, visualizing in my mind’s eye what took place on this beach. Jesus’ provisions – not only the 153 fish, but cooking breakfast. Jesus’ love – dealing with Peter. “Peter, do you love Me?” Oh what Peter must have gone through, being asked this three separate times in three separate ways. Tabgha … Restoration Beach. Tabgha … Redemption Beach. For Peter, and for me and you!

Part 4 - Sea of Galilee


DAN: One thing for certain is that we will be sailing on the Sea of Galilee. For many, this will be one of the highlights of the entire tour as we head out towards the northern shore and then cut the engines and begin to worship with our good friend and captain of our boat, Daniel Carmel. This is one of those experiences that you cannot describe with words.

It is quite the experience to look out and imagine Jesus walking on the water as well as all the miraculous catches of fish … remember the number 153 and ask Daniel the significance of that number once we are on the boat. Oh, and by the way, we have experienced some pretty cool storms as we have sailed on the boat called FAITH!

SHARON: You walk out to the boat, board, and find a seat. Anticipation fills the air. We are on the Sea of Galilee! How many times have you read about it; now you are LIVING it! As Dan mentioned, this is a time of worship like none other. So many of the scriptures are regarding the very body of water you are sailing on. But it’s time to drown out the people and just look at your surroundings, worship the God whom you love, and receive what He has for you here.

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