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KFIR Middle East Update – October 23, 2015
October 23, 2015
KFIR Middle East Update – Week of October 26
October 29, 2015
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As we come to the end of our first HGE Tour, I am wondering …”will we ever be here again?”

For me, the Land has been different this time around, Israel seems silent, the laughter in the streets is gone and the people of the Land seem to be in hiding.  The people of the Land as well as the Land itself are two of the main components that supplement a Journey thru Israel.  For us, on the first night of our Tour I always talk about the importance of tuning into the three songs that will be sung during one’s time in Israel:  the song of the People, the song of the Land and the song of the Lord.

I trust that all or our folks who traveled with us this time heard the song of the Lord and maybe even the faint sounds of the song of the Land BUT the vibrant joyful song of the people has been silenced by another round of random violence by those who hate the Jewish people.  I wonder if this trend will stop or will it totally spin out of control?

One thing for certain, Sharon and I will always bring Groups to this Land, but sometimes I wonder if we have started down a pathway that will see all the nations of the world turn on Israel leaving  the Israelis completely isolated?

Friends – NOW is the time to STAND with ISRAEL and to Pray of the Peace of Jerusalem.


Dan Stolebarger