The Undeniable Miracle of Our Time

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The Undeniable Miracle of Our Time

I was asked recently if I have ever witnessed a miraculous event, one that has no other explanation than the hand of God. I got to thinking about it and, although I have seen answers to prayers and I have known people that recovered from illnesses or injuries against the odds, I have not witnessed a miracle that has no other explanation. I truly believe that the birth of my children and for that matter all children are miracles. I believe that it is a miracle that God can know everything about me all the way down to the things I have done when no one else is looking, down to my inner most thoughts yet He loves me and sent His one and only Son to die on my behalf. Yet, I have not physically witnessed that big miracle, that instant healing or that event that no one could deny God’s intervention. I was then reminded of the birth and continued existence of the nation of Israel.

Let’s do a quick review of the current state of Israel from its establishment to survival against the odds and come to our own conclusion as to whether it is a miracle with no other explanation than the direct intervention of God.

Israeli War for Independence – November 1947 to February 1949

As soon as the British pulled out of modern day Israel, Israeli Jews were attacked by the Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon and Iraq as well as the Arabs living within the borders of Israel. At the time of Israel’s declaration of independence, May 1948, they did not have a single tank or cannon. The US attempted to impose a weapons embargo in a lame effort to stop the bloodshed but this was ignored by Britain and others as they provided aid to the Arab world by supplying more planes and weapons than the Arab countries could use. British officers even led some of Jordan’s Arab Legion forces against Israel. The only weapons that the Israeli Jews could get their hands on they had to smuggle from Czechoslovakia. Israel was able to fight back against the world’s effort to annihilate them and wipe them from existence.

The Six-Day War – 1967

Israelis endured constant threats from their neighbors which has been ongoing and persists even today. Through the 1960’s it escalated and leading up to 1967 the Egyptians and Syrians prepared their troops for war and taunted Israel into fighting. In 1967, Israel launched a preemptive attack believing it was their only option. During Israel’s fighting with Egypt and Syria, Jordan attacked in Jerusalem. Within six days Israel had captured the Golan Heights, the West Bank of the Jordan, Sinai, Gaza and they had reunited Jerusalem and taken control of the Temple Mount.

The Yom Kippur War – 1973

After the Six-Day War Israel suffered constant shellings, raids and attacks from the Syrians and Egyptians. In 1973 virtually all of the Middle East and nations not considered middle-eastern united in an effort to destroy Israel. On the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel. I encourage readers to review the forces that teamed up against Israel but just to give you an idea I took the following information from, and Wikipedia:
With active duty IDF available to mount a defense diminished because of Yom Kippur, Israel faced overwhelming odds during the initial onslaught.
Golan Heights – 180 Israeli tanks against 1,400 Syrian tanks
Suez Canal – 500 Israeli soldiers with 3 tanks against 32,000 Egyptian soldiers with 2,000 tanks and 550 aircraft
The Egyptian-Syrian war effort was aided by 9 Arab states including Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Morocco. They provided troops, jets, tanks and helped to finance the effort. After losing ground and suffering defeats in the early days of the war, with the help of the US supplying jets, tanks and weapons, the Israelis were somehow able to defeat the forces against them and even encroach on Damascus and Cairo. At this time, the UN and the rest of world started screaming for the fighting to stop. Imagine that, a world either directly against Israel or silent in the face of Israel’s demise was actively pursuing cease fires and peace agreements when it looked like Israel might have a decisive victory.

The ongoing Palestinian struggle

As if the effort to destroy Israel and kill Jews is not bad enough, there is also an effort to erase the memory of Israel and deny that it even existed. An ancient enemy of Israel was the Philistines. The Philistines were a coastal people likely of Greek or similar Mediterranean heritage living in southwest Israel along the coastline. These peoples have not existed in many centuries. During the Roman rule of Israel, the Israelites rebelled many times. In 135 AD after the Bar Kochba revolt, Rome outlawed Judaism, destroyed everything Jewish and renamed this entire region Palestine after the ancient enemy of the Jews in an effort to erase these people all together. The area of modern day Israel lay mostly desolate and largely uninhabited with the exception of a remnant of Jewish people and some Arabs. With the rise of Zionism in the late 1800’s Jewish people started returning and bought land from the Turks. They drained the swamps in the north and started farming the land which in turn made it more enticing to Arabs from surrounding regions to come to modern day Israel and piggyback on what the Jews were doing.
When we refer to the Arabs that have been trying to kill the Jews in the region since Israel became a nation as Palestinians, we are legitimizing there claim that this is their land that was taken from them. When in fact they were immigrants to the land that live peacefully with and benefited from the efforts put forth by the Jews until the surrounding Arab nations convinced them to leave their homes until they were able to kill the Jews and then they could return taking possession of the land without needing to cohabitate with Jews. They have failed over and over again to destroy Israel and kill the Jews, why? Miracle? The hand of God?

(Troy Anderson is an HGE Board Member and weekly KFIR Contributor )